Catharissa Challenge 1

The Beginning

This challenge was made by Mawekl and was first solved on 26/12/2012 05:53:24 by Luxerails

You didn't finish high school. 
There were too many trivial problems for you.
The only non-trivial problem was that nobody 
wanted to employ someone without an education. 
You decided to act.
You created Catharissa - MMORPG via browser.
Every player pays you $10 for playing so you haven't had to work, 
because the game is very popular.
But today, something terrible happened.
Someone hacked your server.
That was your only source of income, 
so your last hope is to recapture your game.
You remember that you created backdoors for such situations.
But you can't recall exactly where the backdoor was.
You must find it - this is the only way to survive.


- Register an account - - The Hacker can't know that you're back - - Avoid leaving any logs or mails -

Sources From Backup

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Current Progress

Once all 3 of the above are green, you will see the password.
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